We manufacture all kind of Industrial Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Flame Proof, Dust Proof Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, and Hydraulic Car Lifts. we provide you the one which will best suit your needs and your budget.


Installation demands advanced technology and construction methods. We make full use of these to deliver safe, high-quality elevators and escalators to the satisfaction of customers.We have a very strong team consist of highly qualified staff, experienced and skilled technician.


We provide emergency repair service for residential and commercial elevators. We provide lift repair servics to get your elevators back up and running as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.


We modify our clients Elevator with the latest and updated techniques, technology, design and compact feature to ensure maximum safety, reduce energy cost, and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Regular maintenance is important for safe and comfortable elevator operation. In addition to our regularly scheduled maintenance programs, we provide monitoring and remote inspection services that ensure a rapid and appropriate response.


We offer our clients AMC contract for all types of lifts. Our service Team consists of the highly skilled and experienced technicians. We provide AMC at very reasonable cost without compromising on the quality of services.

Passenger Lift

The offered passenger lift is made with the finest-quality based raw material and has advanced technology based functionality. It is the best choice for such places like residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and resorts and so forth. The energy consumption of our manufactured passenger lift is less. The automatic features like opening and closing doors, emergency alarm in the event if passenger get stuck in the elevator, fan, and LED make this lift high technology oriented. So, if you are looking for the advanced and automatic features based passenger lift then feel free to contact us. We offer you the finest-quality based passenger lift at the competitive pricing.

Hospital Lift

The offered hospital lift is designed to provide safe, convenient transportation of everyone. The quality of material we have used to manufactured this lift is remarkable. This lift consumes less energy to operate and offer you comfortable transportation experience. The hospitals and medical service industry involves critical life saving activities which include carrying patients to various floors for various reasons. Our robust design, automatic and versatile hospital life gives a seamless moving experience. It can easily bear the load of the hospital beds, stretches, wheel chairs and machines.

Car Lift

The offered car lifts are versatile in design, high in functionality and can carry the load of any car effortlessly. We are one of the prominent leaders of this industry which can install and maintain the car lifts at the commercial buildings. We ensure proper delivery of products and achieve good response from the customers. These lifts have various specifications thus meeting the various needs of the clients. So, if you are looking for the finest-quality based car lift that functionality is high then feel free to contact us. We offer you the car lifts which come with fully automatic dooring opening function, internal fixture options, emergency alarm, earthquake detector and overloading detector.

Dumb waiter Lift

Dumb waiter lifts are usually seen around commercial kitchens as it allows the kitchen staff and chefs, and the restaurant serving staff, to pass items between floors without dangerous or time consuming journeys up and down stairs with breakable plates and the like. Hotels also use dumb waiter lifts for transporting items like laundry or cleaning products between floors. Larger private homes sometimes install a dumb waiter lift too, providing convenience and a method for transporting items. House staff can also use the lift in the same way a hotel or restaurant would as well.


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Expert Technicians

Our technicians can diagnose your problem and determine whether it needs repairs, slight tune-ups or replacement.

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Our Vision to provide world class quality products with professional services.

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Our service Team consists of the highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Technical Skills

Our Highly Proficient and experienced teams are always to assist you with you exact requirement ensuiring that the product deliverd by matches your present

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We provide monitoring and remote inspection services that ensure a rapid and appropriate response.

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